"RABI" - ASD children's best friend
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"RABI" - ASD children's best friend


What are the challenges faced by low-income families?

"My two children were diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Yue Zai (son) suffers from high-functioning autism. He has difficulty with social communication and is incapable of emotional self-control and learning language. As a mother, I was so worried and upset. I wanted my children to grow up healthily. 
My husband works as a construction worker. He is the primary breadwinner of the family. The medical treatments place a huge burden on us – speech therapy is HK$800 per session, while emotional control training is HK$600. My daughter eve said, "What will we do if daddy dies? He's the only one supporting us."
- Fong, a grassroots mother.

"RABI" - ASD children's best friend

Oxfam supports Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited, a social enterprise, to help improve the social skills of children with autism with its pioneer RABI (Robot for Autism Behavioural Intervention) course and traditional Chinese treatments.  

one on one

Yue Zai in a training session. Social robots are being used to teach him social and communication skills such as joint attention, mental interpretation, eye contact and appropriate behaviours in various situations.


Yue Zai receives Chinese medicine (pediatric massage) treatment. This therapy has a significant effect on improving children's language communication skills, cognitive and social skills.


Donate Now  

While we may not be able to help every child experiencing poverty in Hong Kong, small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Your donation will help bring hope and opportunity to vulnerable grassroots children. 

thank you

"Thanks to Oxfam for subsidising my children’ speech therapy and traditional Chinese treatment at STAR. This support costs around HK$3,000 per month, which greatly reduces our family's financial burden! I am so grateful to see how much progress my children have made. My daughter is sweet and caring. My son has learned to express himself and he can communicate with others much better now." 




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