Oxfam Musical Marathon 2023
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Oxfam Musical Marthon 2023

When disasters strike, things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye in impoverished communities, putting many lives at risk. Poor communities are also often hit first and worst, and people can lose everything overnight. That’s why providing timely assistance during disasters and enhancing communities’ disaster resilience is crucial.


Have you ever thought that your musical talent could make a difference for people experiencing poverty?

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Our annual musical fundraising event, 'Oxfam Musical Marathon' has come to a joyful close. The Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 24 September 2023. The theme of this year is 'Compose a Humanitarian Movement'. A group of philanthropists with a passion of music shared their positive movements respectively at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and our YouTube channel from July to September. Their effort aimed to support disaster-affected communities experiencing poverty and raise fund for Oxfam's poverty alleviation programs in Hong Kong and around the world. Communities will not only learn how to prepare for disasters, but also how to bounce back better afterwards.


We are grateful for the support of our Sponsors, Supporting Organisations, Volunteers, All Participants and Donors, without whom the successful execution of 'Oxfam Musical Marathon' would not have been possible.  We look forward to seeing all of you again next year! Please stay tuned for future updates.  

Prize Presentation


Please support Oxfam's Poverty Alleviation work

The funds raised will support Oxfam's efforts to provide humanitarian relief to poor communities affected by disasters worldwide. This includes providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, promoting health education and awareness to prevent and control diseases, and preparing communities for and enhancing their resilience to disasters.

Oxfam's humanitarian work not only includes responding to immediate needs and post-disaster reconstruction, but also pre-disaster capacity building and community disaster risk reduction work. Providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) during humanitarian responses is also a critical part of our work.

Since the 1960s, Oxfam has been providing clean drinking water and public health facilities, as well as promoting health education and awareness in impoverished areas and refugee camps around the world. This work is crucial because if individuals, families, or communities can’t access these basic needs and rights, they’re more likely to fall into poverty due to illness, negating the effects of poverty alleviation efforts. That’s why providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to communities experiencing poverty can prevent and control diseases at the source, ensuring the health and livelihoods of the people in these communities.


WASH Program


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Please stay tuned to our email, website and Oxfam Facebook Page to appreciate maestri's performance and event detail.
For enquires, please contact 3120 5129 or email to musicalmarathon@oxfam.org.hk


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Supporting Organization

Hong Kong Art Music Society

Heartstrings Harp Centre

Ange de la Musique

Resonance Piano

Miss KiKi Workshop

HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School

G.T.(Ellen Yeung)College

Little Pianists