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24 APR 2013

Oxfam obtaining quotations for third batch of emergency supplies Follow-up focuses on more remote areas and marginalised groups

Today Oxfam finished distributing the first and second batches of emergency supplies in three villages in Lushan County that suffered severe damage in the Ya’an Earthquake: Hongxing Village and Longxing Village in Longmenxiang and Renjia Village in Qingrenxiang. The supplies benefited almost 7,000 people. Oxfam is now obtaining quotations for the third batch of emergency supplies and making logistic arrangement. Follow-up relief efforts will focus on more remote areas and the needs of marginalised people.

Supplies distribution – first two rounds completed

This morning, Oxfam’s relief workers were split into two groups – one set off to Renjia Village to distribute the second batch of supplies, the other to Longxing Village to dispatch the remaining quilts. Renjia Village is the most densely populated village in Lushan County. A total of 3,210 people (724 households) are divided into five groups. Nine people were killed in the earthquake, 22 people suffered serious injuries. All houses in the village have been damaged and none of them are inhabitable. After the quake, the villagers received drinking water and instant noodles, but the whole village only received 10 tents. Children and the elderly were given priority to stay in the tents; the others had to sleep outdoors. It was especially tough when it rained.

Before distributing the supplies, Oxfam staff met with village officials and representatives to assess the villagers’ needs and to come up with a distribution plan for each village. They decided that the supplies would be first distributed to the village groups. At noon, the villagers started collecting their supplies and were asked to sign on a roster listing out their names and the items that were allocated to them.

In Renjia Village, Oxfam’s relief workers met an elderly couple whose house collapsed during the quake. The wife, Wu Yuntien, 77, said that after the quake, their relatives in a different town offered their home for them to stay. But they decided to remain in Renjia Village. “With so many people helping us, we decided to stay here to rebuild our home,” said Wu.                         

The relief items Oxfam distributed in Renjia Village include waterproof fabrics, quilts, mosquito nets and sanitary kits (containing soap, towels and sanitary napkins). The first two batches of relief supplies, with a total worth of HK$900,000, have all been distributed, assisting almost 7,000 people. Oxfam’s team of six will return to the Chengdu Office tomorrow (25 April) and prepare for the follow-up relief work.

Food and cooking oil included in third batch of supplies

Oxfam Hong Kong’s Deputy Director of China Programme Dawn Li said that the agency had already come up with an initial plan for the follow-up work based on the frontline workers’ feedback and experiences accumulated over the years. Oxfam’s Kunming Office has started the quotation process for the third batch of supplies. Apart from waterproof fabrics used for temporary shelter, mosquito nets, quilts, sanitary kits and cooking utensils, food and cooking oil will also be included in the third batch of supplies.

In an effort to save money while ensuring the quality of the supplies, Oxfam will quote prices from three sources. Whenever possible, materials like tents will be recycled not only to save money but also to reduce the burden to the environment. As of 3:00 pm on 24 April, the emergency appeal launched by Oxfam Hong Kong has raised more than HK$1,660,000. The agency will continue to explore other fundraising channels to provide further support to its relief work.

Follow-up focuses on remote areas and marginalised groups

At the initial stage of the emergency, Oxfam workers were not able to access more remote areas for assessment due to road closures and time constraints. In the next round of relief work, Oxfam will pay attention to the rebuilding of roads in the disaster area, as well as the supplies distribution of the government authorities and other organisations. Oxfam will focus on assisting the remote mountainous areas that are more deprived and the marginalised people in the communities.

“Funds raised through our emergency appeal for the Ya’an earthquake will be used to support our relief and reconstruction efforts in the communities. Our crew will go back to the disaster area in early May and reach out to the more remote areas. After assessment of the damage, we will then announce a plan for our rehabilitation work,” said Li.

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