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05 APR 2013

Oxfam provides rice for hailstorm survivors in Guizhou

Guizhou Province was hit by three massive rainstorms and hailstorms from 18 to 27 March. As of 25 March, 599,000 people from 35 counties in Qiannan, Qiangdongnan, Guiyang, Zunyi and Anshun Prefectures have been affected. Over 100 houses toppled, incurring an economic loss of 430 million yuan. On 20 March, when the strong winds and hail first hit, Guizhou emergency relief officials immediately delivered supplies such as clothes and quilts to the affected areas.

After the disaster, Oxfam staff promptly arrived in severely affected Changshun County of Qiannan Prefecture to assess the damage – 24,303 people of 4,754 households have been affected by the hailstorm, over a thousand houses damaged. The heavy rain flooded about 200 metres of highway near Xinzhai Township, incurring an economic loss of 32 million yuan.

The disaster has led to damage of crops such as oilseed rape and wheat. Harvest has been cut by at least half in general; some farmers may even have to face total crop damage. Changshun County is a poverty alleviation focus at the national level. Twenty per cent of the villagers suffer from seasonal food shortage on an average year. The recent hailstorm will further aggravate the food insecurity in the region.

After the assessment, Oxfam concludes that the highest priority right now is to provide food for the survivors. Together with our local partners, we will provide relief for 3,834 people in Baitang Township and Malu Township, including 1,500 poor and severely affected villagers, who will receive two months of food supply (30 kg of rice), and 2,300 villagers facing crop damage, who will receive one month of food supply (15 kg of rice). Oxfam will continue to monitor and assess the situation and when necessary, provide appropriate assistance.


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