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06 JUN 2014

Yunnan (Yingjiang county) Earthquake Update

Situation and Response

On 24 and 30 May respectively, 5.6 and 6.1 magnitude earthquakes jolted Yingjiang County in southwest China's Yunnan Province, injuring 45 people. More than 3,000 houses were destroyed and 21,000 severely damaged, while 90,000 houses were moderately damaged, forcing the evacuation of a further 45,000 people. About 210,000 people were affected. The two earthquakes were only 2km apart, which made the damage more severe.

The local government has already arranged for quilts, tents, foldable beds with mattresses and more to be sent to the quake-affected area to meet the basic needs of the quake survivors. Due to the hot weather in the quake zone, mosquitoes can easily grow and spread diseases in the relocation area. Mosquito nets are in urgent need. As there is currently no electricity in the quake zone, lighting at night is a problem which poses a safety issue for the survivors.

Oxfam has been conducting on-site needs assessments in the severely affected townships with the support of our local partners. After the initial assessment, Oxfam’s office in Kunming has collaborated with a partner organisation, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center of Yunnan Province, to provide6,000 mosquito nets, 3,000 boxes of mosquito repellent and 3,000 torches to three of the quake-stricken townships in the zone: Kachang, Sudian and Mengnong. These were delivered to survivors by 4 and 5 of June.