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Community Tour with Ethnic Minority

ethic minority

multiculturalism x community tour

Our ethnic minority mentors will share their everyday lives in the Yuen Long District, particularly on the changes in their way of lives and interaction with the community. By getting to know the restrictions encountered by South Asians living in Hong Kong, participants will be led to reflect on their role and duty as global citizens.

Focus of Learning: Globalization, Cultural Conflict, Inclusion

Target Audience: senior primary - college students

Format: community tour (Yuen Long)

Length: 2.5 - 3 hours

Number of Participants: 15 - 30 students

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese / English

Available Period: October - April

This activity is co-organized by Oxfam and WEDO GLOBAL.

Activity Fee for 23/24 Academic Year:

Primary and Secondary students: $110 per person

College Students and Adults: $150 per person

If activity is to be conducted in English: $150 per person

Early Bird Promotion: apply before 31 Oct 2023 to get $10 discount per person

Other Teaching Materials(CHI only):

Reference: 本地少數族裔的生活概況 

Reference: 階級藩籬

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