Strong in the Face of Adversity - Oxfam’s Impact in 2020
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Oxfamily, Humanitarian, Development Programmes25 JAN 2021

Strong in the Face of Adversity - Oxfam’s Impact in 2020

Image of Kalina Tsang

Kalina Tsang

Kalina is the Director General of Oxfam Hong Kong.


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Looking back on 2020, the world has been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has threatened public health and the wellbeing of billions.

In Hong Kong, the lack of masks and disinfectant during the early stages of COVID-19 caused widespread panic. In response to the emergency, we immediately delivered rice, face masks and disinfectant to low-income families and underprivileged groups.

We also launched ‘Give A Meal: Oxfam's Food Support Project for Low-Income Families’ in April. Through it, we are providing low-income families that have children with nutritious meal kits to reduce their financial burden and to ensure the health of their children.

In terms of policy advocacy, we have continued to pay close attention to poverty in Hong Kong and published a number of research reports requesting the government to take immediate action to help the poor and unemployed.

In mainland China, we delivered emergency food supplies and disinfectant to migrant and sanitation workers. We also raised awareness about hygiene and sanitation.

In refugee camps and slums, we provided life-saving essentials, like water and sanitation.

Across Africa, we worked with smallholder farmers affected by the locust infestation and COVID-19 to develop sustainable livelihoods. We also supported radio lessons during lockdown so children could continue their education.

Despite making progress, challenges abound. Our report ‘The Hunger Virus’ reveals that 12,000 people could die per day by the end of 2020 as a result of hunger linked to COVID-19, potentially killing more than the virus itself. Countless people are also losing their jobs to the pandemic, and many are being pushed into poverty.

We have hope though because we understand the power of partnership. This year, thanks to people like you, we have made significant progress in the fight against poverty. Oxfam Hong Kong supported 442 projects in 28 countries and regions, and reached over 1,800,000 people. Let’s continue to work together to create a world without poverty.

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