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Join us! By becoming an Oxfam Partner, you can be part of the solution against poverty. Your monthly donation helps poor people, and it also helps Oxfam better plan our projects and our budgets.

By becoming an Oxfam Partner, you can join our donor trips to project in Mainland China, Hong Kong as well as other countries.  You will also be invited to our activities and you will receive Oxfam Express.

Donor activities

Why does Oxfam support projects that address gender inequality and violence against women? Around the globe, one out of every three women has experienced violence, and one out of five girls has experienced sexual abuse. To learn more about our work and the impact we’ve made, don’t miss out on our upcoming event

You are cordially invited to join our annual supporters gathering where we will talk about our work over the past year and our upcoming plans. There will also be an interactive drama called ‘The Secret of Chocolate’, which we hope will help you and your children better understand child labour, ethical consumption and poverty issues.

In this interesting workshop, Oxfam will become an immigration consultant while you and your child will become residents of an island whose lives are threatened by rising sea levels.

At present, there are 800 million people living in hunger but at the same time one-third of the food that is produced is wasted. This experiential learning activity will help participants better understand the link between environmental protection and poverty as they rescue vegetables, fruits and bread at Shek Kip Mei Market and redistribute them to those in need in the area.