Know Heaven, Know Earth: Oxfam In Macau Climate Change Photography Exhibition
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Know Heaven, Know Earth: Oxfam In Macau Climate Change Photography Exhibition

Know Heaven, Know Earth: Oxfam In Macau Climate Change Photography Exhibition

The frequency and seriousness of extreme weather have been on the rise globally, posing significant challenges to both the existing generation and the next.

Around the globe, there are many other areas that are more vulnerable to climate change than Macau. Oxfam Hong Kong, in collaboration with humanist photographer Qiu Bi, has spent the past year visiting remote areas across Asia. Together, we witnessed how unpredictable weather had led to crop failures, and how climate disasters devastated the homes of many people. Oxfam Hong Kong will be organising the 'Know Heaven, Know Earth: Oxfam Hong Kong Climate Change Photography Exhibition' from 1 to 31 March. We hope that after visiting the exhibition, the public will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of climate change across the globe, and through their own actions, take steps to protect the environment. It also urges decision-makers to reduce emissions and provide assistance to climate-vulnerable groups, thus promoting climate justice.

Know Heaven, Know Earth: Oxfam In Macau Climate Change Photography Exhibition

The journey of vulnerable communities adapting to a changing climate

Date & Opening Hours: 1 to 31 March 2024, 11 am to 8 pm
Place: Centro Hotline 16FI, Big pIe Art Gallery
Content: Portraits of life in rural China and mountainous regions in Nepal affected by climate change. The focus is on how local communities, especially women, cope with extreme weather.

Just as the ancient Chinese military treatise ‘Art of War’ says: ‘Know heaven, know earth, and the victory is complete'. It is important for people and communities in vulnerable regions to empower themselves, and understand the climate and their land to adapt to climate change and thrive. 

This photography exhibition will feature the livelihoods of communities in various regions, such as Liugou Village in Shaanxi Province, Wangjinzhuang Village in Hebei Province, Gyatang Grassland in Qinghai Province, and Baitadi District of Nepal.The exhibition will further showcase how Oxfam Hong Kong uses a holistic ‘one-programme’ approach – which includes humanitarian response, development programmes and advocacy – to fight poverty and enhance vulnerable communities’ ability to adapt to climate change.

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Photos: Humanist photographer Qiu Bi