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Population: 15 million
Living below US$ 1.25 per day: 40%
Human Development Index: rank 137

Source: CIA World Factbook,, UNDP HDI Report 2009, UN Statistics Division Millennium Development Goals Database 2009


For the past 17 years since the end of the civil war, there has been marked progress in education, health care, as well as economic growth: one per cent of Cambodia’s population has been lifted out of poverty every year.

Alongside these successes, however, is a back-drop of political uncertainty, continuing high levels of weak governance and corruption, growing problems with land and natural resource exploitation and declining civil society and press freedoms. Cambodia is still among the poorest countries in the world, with a GDP per capita of US$1802 which ranks it 143 in the world.

Oxfam Hong Kong has been working in partnership with local organisations in Cambodia for over ten years. The current focus is on reducing poverty and enhancing the well-being of ethnic minority communities living in upland areas in the north-east, in Ratanakiri and Mondolkiri provinces, through:

  • securing access to land and natural resources
  • improving food security and increasing household incomes through improving agricultural productivity
  • increasing participation in decision making