What is Fair Trade

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Fair Trade ensures a fair return for small producers’ labour. It enables a respectable livelihood, creates a balaned relationship between producers and businesses, reduces environmental degradation, provides safe workplaces and ultimately enables a sustainable, just society.

Trade is supposed to be a strong tool to help people in developing nations fight poverty. However, under unfair international trade rules, the returns of farmers are lowered to such a level that they can neither support their daily needs nor cover production costs. This type of trade does not benefit them, but makes them even poorer.

Fair Trade is intended to offer an alternative to this kind of unfair situation. Fair Trade is a model of trading that allows producers (especially those from poor countries) who are disadvantaged by the mainstream economy to have opportunities for sustainable development. Fair Trade ensures that farmers and producers are able to earn decent incomes, ensuring their ability to support themselves and their families, and to sustain production.

Oxfam truly believes that FairTrade is one of the ways for farmers in developing countries to fight poverty.


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Campaign Highlights in Hong Kong 2002 -2009

  • 2010


    • Launched the Fair Tiger Chinese New Year gift set. The bags were made by a Pingzhai village, Yunnan women’s group, and the cashews were from Betterday – a Vietnamese Fair Trade certified group. (February)
    • Co-organised Hong Kong’s first Fair Trade Fortnight in March/April, where we hosted Hong Kong’s first large scale Fair Trade Conference and a two day Fair Trade Fair. Over a 100 organisations, schools and businesses took part.

  • 2009


    • Presented the "Be My Fair Valentine" Valentine's Day Fair Trade gift set. The Fair Trade chocolates, candles and gift card were placed in a gift box designed by famed illustrator Big Soil.(February)
    • Over 40,000 people joined Fair Trade events organised by
      93 companies, schools, places of worship, and community
      groups (May)
    • Hosted TASTE FAIR, a meal using Fair Trade ingredients
      prepared by author, designer and chef Craig Au Yeung(right);
      musician and long-time Oxfam supporter Anthony Wong Yiu
      Ming(left) enjoying the food and drink (July)

    • Supported five overseas Fair Trade groups to display their
      products at the 2009 Hong Kong Food Expo (August)

  • 2008


    • Co-founded Fair Trade Hong Kong, with 11 other members
    • The second FAIR TRADE FAIR event, with 5,000 participants
    • Co-founded Fair Trade Workplace Society, a group calling on
      employers to practice Fair Trade (May)
    • Supports three Fair Trade groups, Betterday (Vietnam),
      People's Organization for Development Import and Export
      (Sri Lanka) and Southern Partners and Fair Trade Corporation
      (Philippines) to display their Fair Trade products at the 2008
      Hong Kong Food Expo (August)


  • 2007


    • Oxfam and nine groups marked the World Fair Trade Day for the first time in Hong Kong with
      a FAIR TRADE FAIR (May)
    • Co-hosted the Fair Trade Public Forum (August)
    • Become Hong Kong’s first member of International Fair Trade Association (since renamed
      World Fair Trade Organisation)


  • 2006


    • An Oxfam- A.C. Nielsen survey shows that 78% of the Hong
      Kong public are interested in buying Fair Trade and that 96%
      will pay up to HK$10 more for ethically-produced and -traded
      products (August)
    • Fair Trade products such as coffee and tea become available
      at The Oxfam Shops (October)
    • An Oxfam-Asia Fair Trade Forum seminar on market
      potential  and operations was attended by retailers such as
      Marks and Spencer, NGOs, and Fair Trade entrepreneurs
      from around Asia (November)



  • 2005


    • BIG BOX, Oxfam’s mobile exhibition on trade and poverty,
      tours Hong Kong nine times (April to December)
    • Publish books, magazines and educational materials, and
      host press briefings (September to December)
    • BIG NOISE – Oxfam calls for better WTO policy: we presented
      17.8 million signatures to the WTO on 12 December, one day
      before the WTO Conference began in Hong Kong

  • 2003


    • Run numerous activities to raise awareness and support
    •  Promote Fair Trade coffee from Tanzania in Hong Kong
      – it sold out fast

  • 2002


    • Oxfam kicks off its 64-city MAKE TRADE FAIR campaign in Tsimshatsui, with an emphasis on
      fair WTO rules (April)
















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